Bait-Safe & Reef-Friendly

The ONLY sunscreen that is tested and proven to be bait-safe and coral-safe!

AnglersSport by Stream2Sea is reef safe and biodegradable sunscreens and skin care for the boating, sailing, fishing, or paddling enthusiasts.

Why choose Stream2Sea?

Safe for Our Waters

All of our products are formulated without any ingredients with known aquatic toxicity and have been tested and shown to be safe for coral larvae, various aquatic species.

A Mineral Sunscreen that is NOT GREASY

Mineral sunscreens are thicker and more whitening than chemical sunscreens. Ours is water based, and feels great once you rub it in well.

Safe for Your Body

All our products are made in the USA and we use only sustainable, best-quality ingredients that meet the highest health safety standards for you and your whole family.

Effective SPF Protection

Our sunscreens exceed the FDA’s requirements for broad-spectrum claims, and protect your skin from 95-97% of UVB rays, even if you work up a sweat.


A Mineral Sunscreen that is BAIT-SAFE

Stream2Sea is tested and proven safe for baitfish, freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral larvae and does not affect their natural behavior. It is also fragrance free.


All our products are readily biodegradable in fresh and salt water and are proven to have minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

The Concern: Certain ingredients in sunscreen are toxic to coral and reef fish. Studies have shown that sunscreen worn by swimmers, divers, snorkelers, fishermen and all-around “aquaholics” has contributed to the recent decline of coral reefs. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen is washed off into our coral reefs every year.  This accelerates the process of coral bleaching and is toxic to certain reef species. Common sunscreen ingredients, such as Benzophenone-3, also known as Oxybenzone, can bleach coral and damage coral reefs. Other ingredients like preservatives and silicone used in body and hair care products, have also been shown to be EcoToxic and to bio-accumulate in aquatic organisms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality sunscreen and body care products that are safe for you and our planet.

Stream2Sea products are EcoConscious, biodegradable and have passed extensive, independent aquatic toxicity testing for coral larvae, microorganisms, fresh water and salt water fish species.

Knowing that every product we use on our body will ultimately be washed into the ocean, we made sure that ours will not harm you or damage our fragile environment.  You can feel good knowing that you are being responsible for both your health and the health of our planet.

Together we are making a difference – Together we are doing better!

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