Increase Your E.Q. (EcoConscious Quotient)!

Eco-friendly gifts, made simple!

Show your appreciation and increase your company’s E.Q. (EcoConscious Quotient) by gifting our Eco and Reef friendly mineral Suncare and Corporate Wellness Gifts!

Whether you are planning for a destination corporate retreat, taking care of employees during their summer vacations or maintaining relationships with partners, we can help you plan!

Why Partner with Stream2Sea?

  • Small business, Woman-owned/Veteran Operated, made in USA
  • % of ALL purchases support ocean conservation organizations
  • Stream2Sea is the only known mineral sunscreen and BodyCare company in the world that is tested and proven safe for Us, Coral Larvae, Salt & Freshwater fish.
  • Vegan*, Gluten Free, Cruelty free Readily Biodegradable and in sustainable packaging

For additional questions, email us:

Co-branded Sunscreen, BodyCare and Dry bags

Partner with us and choose to elevate your brand with an ecoconscious company like Stream2Sea by placing your logo on our products. Send us an email to see why we are a good fit!

Custom Swag Bags & Gift Sets

Planning a seaside, beach or summer retreat? Our custom swag bags can be completely customized to fit the type of event you are hosting, including Stream2Sea favorites like SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen, SPF lip balm and our 3-in-1 Shampoo and Bodywash. Choose to put it in an attractive gift bag or box. The options are unlimited!

E-gifts & Gift Cards

Show that you care for your employees, even those working from home, and send them an e-gift or gift card which affords you and them more flexibility when it comes to choosing what they love. From products like hand sanitizers, neck gaiters and body lotions to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Check out these prestigious companies and organizations who collaborated with Stream2Sea


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