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Re: FDA Recall of Dangerous Sanitizer

A letter from our Founder

Re: FDA recall of contaminated sanitizer

Dear Friends of Stream2Sea:

The FDA has issued a mandatory recall of substandard and dangerous hand sanitizers. I wanted to reassure you that our products are NOT subject to this recall.

When COVID hit, I was grateful that the FDA eased regulations, allowing us to bring our hand sanitizer quickly to market.  Finding ethanol was a challenge, but we were fortunate to develop a relationship with our local distillery.  Bartow Ethanol produces food-grade distilled spirits using state of the art fermentation techniques, catering primarily to the high-end beverage industry.   Their food-grade ethyl alcohol is distilled from orange peels and sugarcane.  It is not the cheapest alcohol available, but I can trust their quality. 

ethanol quality control
Bartow Ethanol

However, it wasn’t long before we got on the commodity broker’s lists.  I received dozens of messages offering discounted alcohol in drums, totes, and tankers.  I could make some seriously better margins, but at what cost? 

Initially, I was concerned about the quality of the SDA 40B grade ethanol they were offering.  This ethanol is ‘denatured’ using denatonium benzoate and tert butanol.  I didn’t like the sound of those ingredients, and I liked their safety ratings even less.  The brokers assured me it was acceptable and commented ‘this was what most companies were purchasing today.’ I still find it odd that I rarely see these ingredients listed in the ingredient declarations on competitive products.

The current FDA recall isn’t concerning these denaturants, but rather a contamination of methanol. Also known as wood alcohol, methanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested.

In accordance with the mission of Stream2Sea, we made the conscious decision to put our customer’s safety and our planet first, and have continued with our Florida-based ethanol distilled from orange peels and sugarcane waste. 

Stream2Sea sanitizer is methanol-free, tested and proven safe and effective. 

Stream2Sea EcoConscious Hand Sanitizers

I know you have less expensive options to choose from, and I thank you for supporting our small, growing business in the Florida heartland.  You have my word that we will never compromise your safety over convenience or profit. 


Autumn Blum
Formulator & CEO
Phone:  (863) 473-4223  Ext: 108  |  Toll Free:  (866) 960-9513  Ext: 108
Stream2Sea  |  PO Box 907  |  Wauchula, FL 33873  |  USA
From Stream2Sea – Protect WHO you love 


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