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Discover More with Discover The Oceans: Your Go-To Guide for All Things Underwater

Are you a lover of the ocean, marine life and diving? Sometimes it’s hard to find everything you’re looking for in one search engine. That’s why at Stream2Sea, we love to use Discover the Oceans.

Discover the Oceans is a scuba diving and ocean discovery website that allows you to search for many things under one roof. Looking for epic diving locations? They’ve got a database for that. How about beautiful underwater photography and animal encounters? They’ve got that too! On their website you can even search for upcoming dive events, dive experiences, clubs, gear and more.


Do you eat, sleep, and breathe diving? At Discover the Oceans, you can find beautiful underwater images, magazines and books from all around the world. Build up that coffee-table book collection now! Maybe you’re an underwater photographer yourself? If so, be sure to check out their Photography Competition database to search for events near you.


Find Dive Expos, Individually led Dive Trips, Dive Clubs, and Festivals. Everything is searchable by location. If you’re craving to be surrounded by others who are just as passionate as you are about diving and our oceans, then this database is something you should definitely bookmark.

You can also search by date and location–this will come in handy when you’re traveling. Are you headed to a travel destination soon? If so, you may want to check out this feature so you can join a cool, local dive experience while you’re there.


At Discover the Oceans, their goal is to enrich your knowledge of our world’s oceans through diving, discovery, science and breathtaking imagery. On their website you can search for and find accredited educational schools, programs and professionals for all ages. They list everything from summer camps to college courses you can enroll in. There is something for everybody.

At Stream2Sea, we believe education is extremely important and we are all on board with Discover the Ocean’s Student Zone–there’s tons of classes right at your fingertips!


Another really neat feature that Discover the Oceans offers on their website, is a searchable database in which you can search for causes that you’re passionate about. By using Join the Cause, you can access tons of non-profit organizations you’d like to support.

If you’re as passionate as we are about the oceans, we think you’ll love Discover the Oceans as much as we do. Don’t forget to share this awesome resource with your diving friends! It’s the perfect place to plan your dives, trips, find new brands and gear, and be inspired by beautiful publications.

Once you’ve soaked up all of the educational offerings at the Discover the Ocean, make sure you’ve discovered our educational portal in our Stream2Sea Learning Center. Here you can learn about ocean-safe sunscreen, what chemicals to avoid and how to protect our oceans and all the life within them. After that, head over to our online shop to stock up on the only mineral sunscreen tested and proven safe for you and marine life—we care about the chemistry behind it, and you should, too. What we do makes a difference!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge and we’ll send you a digital 20-page resource that dives into ingredients to know, ingredients to avoid, what “organic” and “biodegradable” really mean, and what is truly “reef-safe.”

Thank you for being part of a global movement to protect marine and other ecosystems from unsafe ingredients! What we put on our bodies DOES make a difference, and your positive choices help protect the planet!

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