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Five Favorite Fall Destinations (And How to Pack with Our Planet in Mind!)

October 19, 2018
As summer comes to an end, we are reminded that Autumn’s cooler days are ideal to EcoConsciously experience the natural splendor ahead. Go forth on your adventures, and be sure to pack your travel bag with the planet in mind. Remember to leave no trace, and always be mindful of the area’s ecosystems!  Check out these tips and locations if you’re looking for inspiration:

See More and Save Big!

Traveling in the less popular months not only makes it possible to pack more fun into the budget, but it can also give you the opportunity to have more exclusive experiences, whether that be more intimate tour groups or a beach all to yourself. Tip: If your family is the only one on the tour bus or boat ride, you might be brought to secret areas that the guides wouldn’t normally explore with a larger group! If you’re visiting a tropical area, you will experience lower temperatures and various differences in the ecosystem in this time of year. Migrations, land animal behaviors, water temperatures, and tree turning are some things to keep in mind when you look for the right place to visit!

Be EcoConscious While Pinpointing a Destination

When doing research for an area to visit for vacation, look for areas with ecosystems that are well-protected, where you can feel comfortable navigating the habitats of the local plant and animal life without fear of disrupting them. Some areas put forth more effort into sustainable and environmentally-friendly city planning and habitat protection systems, so supporting communities that care will give you a good chance of protecting the planet while you travel throughout it. Understanding which animals shouldn’t be approached, which areas are off-bounds for regrowth seasons, and whether fires are acceptable in the season will all help the local ecosystems. Be sure to bring your own trash bag on adventures for your own waste, and so that you can clean up any other human trash you find along the way. Protecting animals, their drinking sources, and the health of the water tables starts with you!

Consider these great destinations this fall!

Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean, is a great destination for divers and other explorers alike. It is committed to a partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation, working with them to help the ecosystem by cultivating new reefs. Bonaire’s investment in the health of coral doesn’t stop with their reef cultivation efforts, either. The country has enacted a ban on products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, so you’ll want to bring your Oxybenzone-free Stream2Sea SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen with you if you travel there, or purchase locally from one of our retail partners on the island! Click here to use our Store Locator. Bonaire is also taking strides to reduce its emissions and make other changes to protect the health of the planet. If you take a trip there this fall, don’t miss the salt lake and flamingos at Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary, and check out hiking, kayaking, and historical tours.  

Florida Keys, Florida, USA

The Florida Keys are home to beautiful biodiversity, underwater marine parks, and the Dry Tortugas and Biscayne National Parks. EcoConscious adventuring is easy in the Keys, as the area has been committed to preserving habitats for over a hundred years, and offers tourists resources to enjoy environmentally-friendly vacations. If you’re looking for a bit of indoor fun, the Keys also boast various festivals and events. EcoConsciousness is pretty common in the Keys, and it’s not unheard of that your tour operator might provide safe sunscreen options to you free of charge. Our friends at Rainbow Reef Dive Center are a great example; they know how important it is to protect their coral reefs every way they can.

Glass Beach, California, USA

When it gets to be too cool to enjoy the water or a bask in the sun, you can still explore the splendor of the coastline. At Glass Beach, there is a surprising, unique feature to check out. The shore at Glass Beach is made up of softened glass that originated from nearby factories who used to dump their glass waste in the area. Over the last 50+ years, the ocean and weather have smoothed the glass into pieces rounded enough to walk barefoot upon. The area has plenty of areas to explore and climb, and the scenic overlooks serve as great locations for landscape photos that can seem as though they came right out of your imagination.

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

If you’re looking for the true full-fledged fall experience, grab your scarves, mittens, and sweaters and head to Jasper National Park. Be ready to stand in awe of the spectrum of colors and elk bugles throughout the season. This is an area where waterfalls, boating on the lake, and fishing can lead you to mountain heaven around every bend. In addition to elk, be aware of bears, moose, and rams. Being prepared before you schedule your adventure is always a good idea. These majestic animals are okay with sharing their home—just be sure to do your research first and respect their presence in their habitats.

Ke’e Beach, Kauai, USA

Ke’e Beach is near rural areas of Kauai, Hawaii and features a wide array of sea life that frequent the area. In the fall, not only will the temperatures be lower, but the trees around Ke’e have leaves that change color and decorate the edge of the beach with deep red colors when they fall later in the season. The chickens that visit the area ensure plenty of entertainment, no matter the weather you face!

Pinpoint the Green Initiatives of the Area

Before you book your trip, it is always best to check the city and local websites of the area in order to find the green initiatives and groups that are doing the work of maintaining the ecosystems. Not every visitor wants to go the extra mile when they visit a place to ensure that they don’t affect the area they are in, but if you do so, you will be helping the ecosystems you visit remain healthy.   To make a big difference even if you only have a little time, look into underwater or beach cleanup efforts you could get involved in wherever you are travelling. If there is no formal cleanup scheduled, participate in the “Take 3 for the Sea” movement by removing 3 pieces of litter from any beach, nature trail, or sidewalk you cross while you’re out exploring! Your walk along the shore will become an example of EcoConscious travelling!

Be Mindful of Your Travel Choices

No matter the time of year, taking initiative toward leaving no trace is imperative. Bring our Conscious Explorer Kit along with you to protect the local rivers and oceans from harmful ingredients, and try to make sure your suitcase is filled with reusable and eco-friendly clothes and other items. Be prepared to pick up any trash you create, and try to reduce your trash whenever possible. Knowing that you have made the effort to travel EcoConsciously will leave not only your conscious clear, but the ecosystem clear as well!


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