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Stream2Sea Essentials are Cruelty Free & Vegan!

At Stream2sea, we pride ourselves on having ‘kept it real’ in regards to the testing of our original line of body care products on fish and coral. 

Read more: https://stream2sea.com/keeping-it-real-testing-on-fish-and-coral/ 

Now, Stream2Sea is proud to offer Essentials that have not been tested on any animals, instead utilizing the knowledge gained through prior development to create products upholding our mission. Taking care to only utilize ethical raw materials, these products will always be cruelty free and vegan! 

Stream2Sea has fulfilled a need for mindfully created Essentials, formulated to be safe for you and safe for our planet. This new line begins with our signature eco-conscious Hand Sanitizer. 

“Few people took the time to read ingredients when they were just happy to find sanitizers on the shelves, but some of those ingredients are not things we want on our bodies or in our ecosystems,” says Autumn Blum, founder of Stream2Sea. Even beyond the recent recall of sanitizers containing methanol, many commercial hand sanitizers are using ingredients that aren’t safe for people or the environment . 

“Sanitizers are usually made with denatured alcohol, which is just ethanol mixed with a substance that makes it unsuitable for human consumption and less likely to be consumed recreationally,” she said. “The two most common denaturants being used but not listed on product labels are denatonium benzoate and tert-butanol. Anyone who reads the SDS (safety data sheets) on these ingredients would never intentionally put it on their body.” 

And like many cosmetic products, sanitizers may contain a laundry list of unwanted chemicals with harmful side effects. We are proud to proclaim that our Essentials line will never contain micro plastics, commonly found in hand sanitizer gels, carbomer, a known endocrine disruptor, synthetic fragrances and denaturants, or quaternary ammonium compounds. 

This means powerful protection without compromise! 

26 seconds is all it takes for chemicals in personal care and cleaning products to enter your bloodstream. Take out the guesswork with Stream2Sea Essentials. 

SHOP: https://stream2sea.com/stream2sea-essentials/

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