When you’re getting ready for an outdoor adventure, you’ll have a lot to consider.

Maybe you’re picking out your swimsuit, chilling some drinks, or stuffing a sack full of snacks. But whether you’re planning to play in the water or spend an afternoon reading in the sand, sun damage can definitely put a damper on your outing.

That’s why we recommend taking a few minutes to make sure you’re staying safe from the sun before you head out the door.

Layering sun protection in the form of sunscreen, UPF-rated clothing, and an oral photoprotective supplement like Sundots can keep sun damage from ruining your day.

Stay Protected with Sundots and Stream2Sea

Outdoor adventures should prompt us to take a little more caution when we’re getting ready to head outside. Most of us automatically think of sunscreen when it’s blisteringly hot out,but it’s important to let this feeling trigger a layered sunscreen routine!

An antioxidant-based, reef-safe sunscreen, like Stream2Sea SPF 30 Sunscreen For Body is an absolute must on particularly sunny days.

Make sure you apply your first layer of protection in the manner recommended by your sunscreen provider. Research indicates that most people don’t apply sunscreen correctly, and it’s extra important to check these boxes when you’re dealing with a lot of sun exposure.

For a second layer of protection, consider an oral photoprotective agent. Sundots protects your skin from the inside out using Polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE), a fern extract backed by 30+ years of sun protection science.

While Sundots aren’t a substitute for sunscreen, several studies and decades of use provide evidence that suggests this fern can help your body resist the harmful effects of the sun when taken like a vitamin.

Sundots’ co-creator and Harvard-trained dermatology researcher Dr. Emilia Javorsky knew she had to create Sundots after discovering just how powerful and pervasive sun damage could be.

“Research shows sunscreen alone just isn’t enough. We deserve better sun protection, and that’s why I created Sundots.” – Dr. Emilia Javorsky, MD MPH

Sundots are designed to be taken once daily, but on particularly scorching days, it is a good idea to take a second gummy in the afternoon.

Finally, make sure you remember your final layer of protection in the form of UPF-rated clothing, dive suits, and hats. These additional layers of protection are especially important because unlike sunscreen, you can’t forget to reapply!

We love the idea that Sundots and Stream2Sea can form a basis for a sustainable sun protection routine that you’ll be able to stick with.

Layer Your Everyday Sun Protection, Too

We all know that sun damage is a possibility when we step outside for an adventure. But how might this look on days when we see less sun exposure?

Stream2Sea’s Tinted Sunscreen is a fabulous way to protect yourself from sun damage on a daily basis. Did you know that the aging elements of UV light can actually penetrate the windows in our cars, office buildings, and homes? Covering our skin with this natural-looking sunscreen keeps us protected from the daily wear and tear of the sun.

Sundots create a second layer of protection from these aging elements. The truth is, we’re exposed to sun damage every single day, regardless of the weather or the time of year.

As a bonus, Sundots also include 800 IU of Vitamin D in every daily gummy—100% of the most recent recommended daily dose. This is vegan, lichen-based Vitamin D3, which helps promote bone and immune health. It’s especially important since we know most Americans are chronically low in Vitamin D.

Figuring out a sun protection routine that works for you, and remembering to layer up, are important steps in maintaining healthy skin. Do your research, and remember to consider Sundots and Stream2Sea.

To find out if Sundots are right for you, check out their website.  

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