Juliet is a charming 100′ Liveaboard Schooner primarily based in Miami  and running week-long diving trips to the Bahamas every spring, summer, and fall. In the winter look for them in Puerto Rico for their semi-annual Mona Island trips, or in St. Croix where they are based December through early March.

Look at your sunscreen. Now look at the active ingredients. Betcha a nickel one of them is toxic. That chemical will make its way to the ocean and possibly a coral reef. And if it’s doing that kind of crazy stuff to corals, do you really want it on your skin?

We’re an ambassador for Stream2Sea because their products are tested and proven safe for our fish and reefs, they’re Florida based and they care a lot about the same things we do!

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Help our waters by only using environmentally safe products!

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