Siren Soapbox are a group of women who have made it a priority to explore. Not only do they explore, but they are passionate about helping others develop the habit of exploration. They have found ways to hold themselves, and each other, accountable for exploring and getting out of their comfort zones. They are passionate about sharing these practices with others through their podcasts.

“I have been a diver for nearly 20 years and I was a dive professional for 5 years. Stream2Sea’s Mask Defog is hands down the best there is in the industry.”

Siren Lauren

Siren Soapbox

“The Cucumber Mint Hydrate Lip Balm is always in my travel bag. Traveling makes my lips dry… but this saves the day every time (BONUS: There’s a little turtle on the packaging).”

Siren Tracy

Siren Soapbox

“I love using the Leave-In Conditioner after a dive trip to help get the tangles worked out. Plus it leaves my hair feeling light and silky.”

Siren Mur

Siren Soapbox

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