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Stream2Sea is the gold standard of excellence in EcoConscious personal care products and sunscreens, #LoveNature is the solution! Earth Dr Reese Halter

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Outdoor and Watersports professionals work hard and play hard. The Stream2Sea ProDeal is our way of incentivizing you and saying thanks for helping to educate others that what we put on our skin CAN and DOES impact our waters.

What is the ProDeal Program? Qualified instructors and outdoor industry professionals may purchase Stream2Sea products at a discounted price through our Pro link.

On approval, you will be given a coupon code for YOUR PERSONAL use. You will also be able to give your instructor number to your clients. When they use your number, they will receive a discount and you will receive a referral commission. That commission can be used for free product or paid out in cash.

Our ProDeal offers a pretty sweet discount and occasional free product, and because of that it’s not open to just anyone. To register you for our program we need to get some information via our application process first. Scroll down for the application form.

Love our mission? Are you as passionate as we are about protecting our waters? Help us spread the word and make some bucks at the same time. It’s all about sharing.

Find out more about the Stream2Sea ProDeal Program

Stream2Sea ProDeal Program Details:


  • Our ProDeal is a pro-purchase program for qualified industry professionals like Scuba instructors, professional guides, outdoor educators, ski patrollers, and more. ProDeal offers outdoor professionals a 35% off retail discount on all our products, because we need YOUR help to influence and educate your clients and community.
  • You get these great deals because of your influence in the industry, so this program is for you only (not your girlfriend, dive buddy or climbing partner). We are a small company with a limited budget and sincerely appreciate your compliance with this.
  • Our ProDeal is for paid outdoor professionals, not outdoor enthusiasts. Although many outdoor enthusiasts are passionate about outdoor activities, and have considerable influence on their friend’s purchases, these people will not be permitted into the program. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you are welcomed to sign up for our Wavemakers program.
  • Companies can send a roster of all their employees to our membership team at so that each employee does not need to send proof individually. Once you send in the roster, we will send out sign-up instructions to everyone listed on the roster. There will be a unique code in the sign-up instructions that will expedite the approval process and eliminate the need to upload documents for verification.
  • Our membership team reviews every application individually.
  • Your account is valid for 24 months. You always have the opportunity to renew your account if you are still working in the industry.
  • Shipping costs are not subject to our discount.
  • Please carefully track your package to ensure it is delivered properly. We are not responsible for replacing items that are shipped to incorrect addresses or are lost/ stolen after delivery.

Stream2Sea ProDeal Referral Program Details:

  • We appreciate when professionals include safe sunscreen and personal care product education into their briefings and trainings.
  • To ensure you understand our mission, you are required to take our short training module prior to receiving your discount and referral code.  Its cool to learn!
  • You can earn commission by giving your instructor number to your clients. They can enter this number as a coupon code on our website to receive a 10% discount on Stream2Sea products. This will also generate a referral commission of 20% for you.
  • When your commission exceeds $50, we send your funds via PayPal. Or you can maximize the value by converting to product credit at 150% of your funds. Meaning if you have a $50 commission, we will convert it to a $75 product credit.
  • You may log in to the Pro Portal ( at any time to view your current activities.

We care about your Privacy at Stream2Sea. We promise to never share your personal information, including your email address, with any other company or organization. All ProDeal members will receive our newsletters which include information about exclusive deals, new brands, and membership.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our ProDeal, complete and submit the questionnaire below. We carefully review each submission and will respond to your submission within ten (10) business days.


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