Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray

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New Look! Same Great Formula!

  • Alcohol Antiseptic 62%
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Eucalyptus & Camphor
  • Infused with Vitamin E
  • For Frequent Use
  • Biodegradable Liquid

Please note: Our Hand Sanitizer is water thin. It does not foam but works great in the spray bottle. 4oz, 6oz and 32oz bottles are intended as refills for 2oz bottles.

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Please note sanitizers may be shipped anywhere in the US, it’s Territories, and it’s other free associations via USPS First Class/Priority Mail. Gross volume and inner container quantity and size restrictions apply. 

Learn more about how our eco-conscious Hand Sanitizer measures up to the competition.

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Safe, Biodegradable Ingredients

  • We created our hand sanitizer from safe, biodegradable ingredients and NO synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
  • Stream2Sea hand sanitizer is Carbomer (acrylic acid) free, triclosan free, and paraben free. See our Ingredients to Avoid list and our Ingredient Dictionary to learn more.
  • Our alcohol antiseptic is pure ethanol from fermented Florida Orange peels that we denature with lovely eucalyptus oil.

Sustainable Packaging

  • We don’t like plastic either! Our bottles are 97% post-consumer recycled content. Learn more at Stream2Sea’s Pledge to EcoConscious Sustainable Packaging.
  • *Specifically for our Hand Sanitizer: We have more of these bottles on order, but to fulfill demand, we are using an alternative. Please recycle your bottles responsibly.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Stream2Sea Essentials is not tested on animals and does not contain animal byproducts.

Please note: Our Hand Sanitizer is water thin. It does not foam but works great in any spray bottle. We recommend our 32oz and 16oz bottles be used as a refill for our 2oz spray bottles.

Usage: To clean hands, apply as often as needed. For external use only. Shake well before use.

Ingredients: Ethanol 62% v/v, Deionized Water, Glycerin, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Camphor, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Soothing Hand Sanitizer is Ecoconscious
Feel good about using Stream2Sea’s Hand Sanitizer. All of our mineral sunscreens and natural body care products are made of natural ingredients and biodegradable. This protects you, your family, and our planet.

Read more about how our eco-conscious Hand Sanitizer measures up to the competition.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1 × 1 in

Blue Glass Sprayer Bottle, Recycled Plastic Sprayer Bottle

28 reviews for Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray

    Denise B. Flaherty
    I'm loving the hand sanitizer. I trust the ingredients and it helps fight mask-acne. I recognize that it is not intended for the face, but after I've had hours of sweating wearing a cloth mask at work, I spray some of the S2S hand sanitizer on a tissue and gently blot my chin and cheeks. It works, it's refreshing and smells great! Thanks, Autumn et al. for another fabulous product.
    Smells great, evaporates quickly, great company! Love to support you, guys!
    Reply from Autumn Blum:
    Thanks so much, Bella! Stay safe :-)
    Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray photo review
    Lucia Berliner
    Best disinfectant ever!! I ran out of Lysol and when my hand sanitizers from Stream2Sea came in I realized I could use the spray as Lysol!!!....only on everything and my house smells amazing. My friends are shocked to see my home so clean too! Go Stram2Sea!!
    Guadalupe Valenzuela
    I love this sanitizers and the smell.
    Absolutely love this product, I will be purchasing more of the hand sanitizer and more of your product line. The spray is a great way to dispense it and I can use it on everything. It has a wonderful scent and is extremely moisturizing as well. Fresh from Florida!!! Love supporting our local businesses and protecting the environment!
    Thank you for this wonderful product. Easy to use, covers my skin well and smells great. Not sticky like others. I keep a small bottle in my purse.
    Yi S Wang
    Pretty good stuff , also thank you for making them, cause me and my mom can’t find any sanitizer nor gloves anywhere, I love the brand because it takes care of the ocean when I first try to search for a eco friendly brand for sun block. I also love the travel size spray bottles, the mist is so fine, I think I can use as a Disinfecting Spray for the stuff we get from the outside since we can’t find any disinfecting spray either.
    Valerie Hicks
    Love this awesome product by Stream2Sea!
    This is a fantastic, though I’m not the least bit surprised as all the other product of theirs I have used have been spot on. It takes a very small amount to do the job, it dries quickly, is not sticky or tacky and has not dried out my hands. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
    I was so happy to find hand sanitizer here, after being unsuccessful finding it in the stores. This is a wonderful product -- as all the Stream2Sea products are!
    I sent this product to a relative. She called as soon as she received and said how much she loved the smell and the fact it was not sticky like other sanitizer. I love all Stream2Sea products and am so proud of my friend and her team.
    Sally Dahlem
    Great for my Home care agency. Since we are essential business we have been providing care to seniors in their homes. We have hard a hard time finding hand sanitizer. I ordered this product and it arrived promptly. THANKS FOR HELPING HEALTH CARE WORKERS!!!
    Heidi Anderson
    Great product. Love that it’s not bad for the environment. I absolutely love the conditioner and I’m excited for the anti-fog too!
    Dave Enlow
    Great find from a company we have been using for their reef safe sunscreen and the sanitizer does not disappoint! Very happy with the product. We have shipped some to our son and daughter, using it at home and my wife has ordered more for her work (an Occupational Therapist) and has gotten her co-workers to do the same. Keep up the great work!
    I love the sunscreen, so when I realized Stream2Sea also sold environmentally friendly hand sanitizer - I ordered immediately. Love it. It does the job, doesn't tear up my skin/cuticles as bad as other sanitizing products and smells great. Highly recommend.
    We purchased this hand sanitzer for our essential employees when we couldn't find anything else available, and we are so glad we did! It smells great, leaves no residue or sticky feeling, and fits in line with our own company's environmental standards. So happy to have found this amazing product and amazing company!
    richard robbins
    Excellent product.
    Bernie Campoli
    Autumn,John and Crew thanks for the rapid rethinking of your product Line and producing of your Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, I put my 1st order in as soon as it was announced and then shared with family and spread the word of your product with friends.
    Liz Tuttle
    I love all the Stream2Sea products, but I really appreciate the new hand sanitizer they've created! I hate the feel and smell of the traditional hand sanitizers, but I love the light spray of Stream2Sea's. It dries quickly on my skin without drying my skin out. The smell is not overpowering. And above all, the little spray container is easy to use and convenient to carry with me everywhere. Thanks Stream2Sea - you've done it again. Keep up the great work!
    I love this hand sanitizer! My hands feel clean; the scent is great; and I have the added benefit that I'm helping to protect the environment.
    Mary Sammartino
    Great product and good for the environment.
    loraine robson
    Great products and great small company with heart.
    Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray photo review
    Caitlin McCall
    This Hand Sanitizer is perfect! I love how it's non-toxic and soothing on my hands. The 2oz bottle fits perfectly in my purse or cup holder and now I have the larger refill sizes that I keep at home to refill the smaller ones! Bonus, this company is local to Florida and their products are made there too. I love supporting this business and can't wait to see what they come up with next!
    Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray photo review
    Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray photo review
    Stream2Sea Essentials Hand Sanitizer 2oz Spray photo review
    During this troubling times, I'm glad Stream2Sea is coming to the rescue again! I love this eco hand sanitizer so much I have ordered it for many friends and family. Love the natural ingredients that don't harm the skin or our fragile planet! The 2oz is also very portable and easy to carry around.
    Fraser Benzal
    Bought it on a whim as that was all the store had... I.LOVE.THIS.STUFF. Have always been a fan of liquid/spray sanitizers and this stuff smells amazing. I ordered more.. can't wait!
    mary jane sleger
    Amen for making such an awesome effective product that is gentle on my hypersenative skin! Tried a sample from a co-worker- didnt burn, actually felt like a moisturizer. Being in health care and washing hands and using tradional sanitizer has worn me out physically & emotionally. Love the scent too! Thanks again for making such an eviornmentally, superior product. Order sent!
    So thankful to have found this! I love everything this company stands for and the customer service is stellar. The hand sanitizer is the same great quality as all the other products Stream2sea sells! The smell is refreshing and the sanitizer itself is gentle on your hands. A little goes a LONG way. There is no residue left behind after use. Thank you so much!
    Amy Sonnier
    Autumn knocks it out the park again! Traditional hand sanitizer is awful for my skin. With Sjorgen's syndrome my skin is already super dry and this is a lifesaver! Not sticky, dries instantly, smells amazing, and I don't have to worry about it wrecking my skin or the environment!
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