SeaTrek BVI

SeaTrek BVI

Stream2Sea proudly supports SeaTrek BVI

SeaTrek BVI offers tropical adventure summer camp programs for junior high, high school and college-aged students in the British Virgin Islands and other islands throughout the Caribbean.

SeaTrek BVI Voyages revolve around hands-on sailing, learning to scuba dive, and instruction in marine science. All of their educational experiences are geared toward adventure, leadership, growth and fun. Previous sailing and scuba diving experience is not required. In fact, most of their students have never been sailing or scuba diving before they join their program. SeaTrek students (of similar ages) live and play onboard one of several 46-foot catamaran sailing yachts equipped with the latest safety equipment and onboard technology. the SeaTrek staff of scuba, sailing and marine instructors is the best in the industry, having years of experience teaching and guiding students all over the world.

SeaTrek offers two and three-week scuba summer camps at five different experience levels, Trek 1 – Trek 5, with pricing beginning at $4190. In addition to scuba and sailing instruction, their naturalists and marine biologists will introduce students to the tropical ecology and wildlife of the islands and their surrounding reefs. Their science program provides an interesting variety of interactive, hands-on marine science activities. Interested students can also choose from a number of exciting community service opportunities and academic credit options.

Stream2Sea products are biodegradable and eco-friendly.  They are reef-safe and will not harm corals.  Stream2Sea has been tested and proven safe for c.elegans and coral larvae.  Our products are safe for you and safe for our waters.

When you make the eco-conscious choice to purchase Stream2Sea’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly products using the banner below,  Stream2Sea will donate 20% of the proceeds to support SeaTrek BVI’s ocean conservation efforts, including their student scholarship fund.


Click this banner to make your Stream2Sea purchases and Stream2Sea will donate 20% of your purchase price to SeaTrek BVI

Find out more about SeaTrek BVI’s Summer Camp at Sea programs by visiting


NAUI Green Diver and Stream2Sea making sure body care products do not harm the ecosystems of lakes, rivers and oceans


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