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Shark Angels uses innovative education and advocacy programs to protect sharks, the ocean’s apex species.  With over 73,000,000 sharks killed every year, the plight of sharks is a crucial point, with many species on the verge of extinction. The health of the world’s oceans depends on healthy shark populations and every creature on earth depends on healthy oceans for survival.  Shark Angels believes that grassroots outreach, creative media and education campaigns will inspire a global movement to save sharks, and the oceans.

Representing the new generation of conservationists, the Shark Angels believe there are many ways to approach conservation – and we employ many different techniques: youth empowerment, field work, legislation, localized campaigns, undercover investigations, grassroots activism, guerilla marketing, cutting edge science and technology, perspective-changing media, and positive education. We are taking shark conservation into the mainstream, putting a necessary focus on collaboration, and making it movement everyone can, and wants, to join.

By harnessing the power of the passionate around the world, together, as guardian angels, we can save sharks.

We founded Shark Angels on three concepts: positivity, unity and passion.

We believe the messaging around conservation needs to change – and most people are turned off by the constant gloom and doom, becoming overwhelmed with the magnitude of the problem. We are alienating the very people we need to engage with grim statistics, guilt and blame. We also believe that people want to make a real difference with their own two hands – not just donate to a distant cause – and are completely energized when given a chance to do something they care about – locally, in their own backyard.

And, kids need to be mobilized… they are our future!

The truth is, EVERY SHARK COUNTS, and every single one of us possesses the power to do something and save even a single shark.

We aim to join our efforts and unite everyone around a new view of not only conservation but also sharks to ensure that they survive to play their important role in maintaining our oceans – and possibly, even in humankind’s own survival. We measure our accomplishments in the minds we change and sharks we save.

Together, we are focused on building awareness, changing perspectives, and empowering local communities to appreciate, celebrate and protect their sharks.

Whether we pull sharks from longlines, expose an underground shark fin trade, stop a shark fishing contest, increase dive tourism in a heavily fished area, implement an enforcement program that monitors catch in a Marine Protected Area, conduct scientific research to identify an area where sharks need protection, or help people understand that sharks are not the monsters they seem, we can all make a huge difference and save the lives of countless sharks.

When you make the eco-conscious choice to purchase Stream2Sea’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly products using the banner below,  Stream2Sea will donate 20% of the proceeds to support Shark Angel’s ocean conservation efforts for sharks.

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