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Virgin Voyages Joins Forces with Stream2Sea to Protect Our Oceans

If you’re looking forward to a cruise, we hope to see you there! Virgin Voyages has committed to cruising ecoconsciously by making us their preferred partner for reef safe sunscreen.

This partnership is part of the great steps Virgin Voyages has taken to protect our oceans, as they previously partnered with Oceans Unite to protected 30 % of oceans by 2030. Even Virgin Voyages CEO Richard Branson is supporting us in protecting our oceans into the future.

To celebrate the alignment of two brands, the Stream2Sea team paid a visit to the Virgin Voyages headquarters to educate their staff on the impacts of chemical sunscreens on marine life.

Below you can watch our team, including CEO Autumn Blum  (also known as microalgae) act out what occurs when our oceans are exposed to chemicals in majority of sunscreens.

We are excited about this new partnership with Virgin Voyages as they are leading the way for more sustainable cruise travel.  Cruise ships carry a lot of people, and unfortunately not even the very best wastewater treatment systems can remove the chemicals in sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners and lotion that rinses off the bodies of passengers and ultimately ends up in the ocean.

With the help of Virgin Voyages, we can sail off into the sunset and explore the world with sustainable products that are safe for you and our oceans!

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