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Worried About Sunscreen Stains? Protect Your Favorite Bathing Suit With Molly’s Suds!

Our swimwear can go through some extreme wear and tear — after all, it goes along with us on underwater adventures and beach trips, poolside parties and rafting trips. So it’s unsurprising when it gets hit with some pretty tough stains, especially when those stains come from the sunscreen we’re using to keep our skin safe when we’re out exploring.

Sometimes it can feel like stains are the end of the road for our favorite swimwear — but they don’t have to be! If your Stream2Sea sunscreen has decided to swim onto your suit, rash guard, or other adventure-wear, Molly’s Suds can help you.

Molly’s Suds is a natural laundry and home care products company with a passion for using ingredients that are safe for families and the environment. Their laundry detergents and home cleaners are made from earth and plant-derived ingredients that are Certified Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.

We’ve discovered that their products are also reliable sunscreen stain removers! Follow these steps if you find yourself worried about a stain on your favorite adventure swimsuit.

How To Remove “Sunscreen For Body” and “Tinted Sunscreen” Stains

You’ll Need
Molly’s Suds SWIM™
Molly’s Suds Sink Scrub™
Molly’s Suds Laundry Stain Brush
Warm Water
Flat Surface


  1. If Sunscreen is cakey, remove by gently scraping with butter knife away from your body and with the fabric weave, not against. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  2. Lay garment on a flat surface. Work a generous amount of SWIM™ into the stained areas with the Laundry Brush with firm yet gentle strokes. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Repeat with more SWIM™.
  3. Next, use the dampened Laundry Brush and dip the bristles in the Sink Scrub™ to thickly coat the bristles. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the Sink Scrub™ onto the sunscreen stained areas. Gently, yet firmly work into the area in circular motions. We recommend about 60 seconds of brushing it into the fibers and adding more SInk Scrub™ as it dissolves.
  4. Turn on running water to as warm as you can handle it. Warmer the better.
  5. While the water is running, scrub the garment under the running water by rubbing the garment in the treated areas together until no more sunscreen is visible. About 60 seconds.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
  7. Repeat if necessary.
  8. Air Dry or launder as usual. Do not dry if sunscreen is still visible. This sets the stains. Old sunscreen stains are almost impossible to remove. Repeat process after laundering if necessary. On new sunscreen stains, you will get it out with the above protocol the first time!


    Go ahead and use your Stream2Sea mineral sunscreens with reckless abandon, just remember to keep some Molly’s Suds around in case your sunscreen jumps ship!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge!

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Thank you for being part of a global movement to protect marine and other ecosystems from unsafe ingredients! What we put on our bodies DOES make a difference, and your positive choices help protect the planet!

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