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Stream2Sea is the gold standard of excellence in EcoConscious personal care products and sunscreens, #LoveNature is the solution! Earth Dr Reese Halter

broadcaster & conservation biologist

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  • Are you an EcoConscious travel leader, high-profile adventurer, athlete, photographer, or an aquaholic?
  • Are you a student, 18 or younger, committed to conservation and the environment?
  • Are you passionate about preserving our preserving our planet?
  • Are you proactive about using products that are not harmful to our ecosystems?
  • Are you someone who inspires others to get outdoors and respect our planet and waters?
Tropical Snorkeling

Wavemakers – Galen and Nicole Tropical

If you answered YES to any of the questions above we want to hear from you!As a Wavemaker you’ll receive sample products, a referral discount code, earn commission, plus, substantial product discounts!  We’ll also promote your professional and environmental endeavors through our social media channels, website and newsletters.As a Youth Wavemaker, we want to help you reach your goals in being a positive change for the world!  We will help you with groups you establish for your school or community to raise awareness, educate and restore the environment. You will also receive sample products, discount codes and earn commissions!

Jillian Wenderlich - Wavemaker

Wavemaker – Jillian Wenderlich @jillyfish831

Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen

Youth Wavemaker
Haakon Hoyer-Nielson – SUP

Love our mission? Are you as passionate as we are about protecting our waters? Help us spread the word and make some bucks at the same time. It’s all about sharing.

Rebecca Ziegler

Wavemaker – Rebecca Ziegler – Professional Diver

Sail Juliet - Kat DeStefano

Wavemaker – Kat DeStefano
Sail Juilet

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