Your Body Deserves Year-Round Care

Your body is incredible. It wanders, swims, climbs, runs, rows. Your skin feels, regulates body temperature and is your first line of immune defense. Protecting it from the elements is a vital part of being able to safely and happily explore this planet.

What you put ON your body has the potential to be absorbed INTO your body. It’s important to understand the effects of the ingredients in body care products, and make an educated decision based on the balance between healthy and safe.

Fact #1

Some common ingredients in body care products are systemically absorbed into your body and are passed through urine, blood and breast milk.


Fact #2

Some common, FDA approved ingredients in body care products are linked to cancer, hormone imbalances, cellular damage and more. They can disrupt the body’s natural functions.

Fact #3

There are healthier choices you can make when it comes to products and the ingredients within them…but it starts with education.

Your Body Will Thank You

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