Swim-safe Sunscreen for Pool Lovers

Swim – Play – Stay Safe

Did you know?

When chemical sunscreens come into contact with chlorine, they’ve been shown to break down and form compounds that can be extremely harmful.

Stream2Sea mineral-based sunscreens will protect your skin without reacting to chlorine.

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High Performance

Our sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection that stands up to the rigorous demands of pool water.

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Mineral Based

Crafted with the safety of your skin and the environment in mind, our sunscreen uses mineral filters.
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Family Friendly

Our Sunscreens for kids are Dermatologist Approved! From babies to adults, our sunscreen is designed for every member of the family.

The Dangers of Chlorine: Unveiled

Chlorine, widely used to disinfect pool water, can react with organic materials like sweat and urine to produce harmful byproducts known as chloramines. These byproducts have been linked to health issues ranging from skin irritations to more serious conditions such as asthma and hormonal disruptions. Our sunscreen acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from these reactions and letting you enjoy your pool time worry-free.

Why Choose Our Swim-safe Sunscreen?

By opting for a non-nano, dermatologist-approved mineral sunscreen like Swim Safe by Stream2Sea, you can protect your family’s skin and the environment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer at the pool.

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Dive In with Peace of Mind

Get Swim-Safe Sunscreen

Don’t let the risks associated with chlorine keep you from making a splash. Safeguard your family’s health and contribute to a cleaner, safer environment by using Stream2Sea.

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