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Saving Sea Turtles, Saving the World

Business trips sure look different when Stream2Sea embarks on them.

In December of 2018, Mike and Elise Malterre, our Executive Vice President and his daughter, took a trip to Antigua to work with an environmentalist group. During their time there, a nest of baby sea turtles unexpectedly hatched during the day time. The baby turtles were in danger, as they were on a popular resort beach. Mike and Elise helped to safely transport the baby turtles to a calmer beach nearby.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to be so close to sea turtle conservation and protection efforts!

Just hatched, baby sea turtles.

Mike transporting newly hatched sea turtles

Elise with Baby Sea Turtle


Mike with Baby Sea Turtle

This species of sea turtle has declined rapidly over the last century: by 80%. Only 1 in 1,000 of the baby sea turtles make it to adulthood.

This endangered species has countless natural and human-induced threats to its survival. Despite that, there are things we can do to help ensure their safety.


Turtles know to follow the brightest light once they hatch. The brightest light is supposed to be the horizon; however, unfortunately for the turtles, their nests are in the sands of big resorts with bright lights that stay on all night. This confuses and misleads many baby sea turtles and puts them in danger. Please urge your local resorts and hotels to change their outdoor lights to red instead of white or yellow and to point them away from the beach at night — this will help the turtles make their journey safely to the water.

Red light is used so as to not confuse the turtles.

Red light is better for sea turtles.

Pass On Plastic

Turtles can easily mistake plastic garbage as food, which leads to digestive blockage or entanglement, which can lead to death. Please pick up any plastic debris and other discarded garbage as you frequent beach areas to help keep it away from turtles.

Switch Your Products

Swap out all of your products that contain harmful chemicals, such as nano-particles, for products that are safe for you and all marine life — including the sea turtles. Sunscreens and body care products that contain harmful chemicals threaten the life of all animals living in and around our waterways and oceans.

At Stream2Sea, we are all about saving the coral, the reefs, the ocean and all the life within them. Our priorities have always been in line with protecting the animals–including sea turtles. Even during a business trip — we drop everything to care for them and ensure their survival.

Our hope is that when you encounter something that you can assist with and change for the better — step up and do it. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to help baby sea turtles on their way to the ocean, you can use Stream2Sea products as part of your effort to keep their habitats safe. Protect what you love!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge and we’ll send you a digital 20-page resource that dives into ingredients to know, ingredients to avoid, what “organic” and “biodegradable” really mean, and what is truly “reef-safe.”

Thank you for being part of a global movement to protect marine and other ecosystems from unsafe ingredients! What we put on our bodies DOES make a difference, and your positive choices help protect the planet!


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