What if everyone understood how sunscreen was bleaching healthy corals?

What if all skin care products were safe for our bodies?

What if bodycare didn’t harm the ecosystems of local lakes and rivers?

Our Waters


Protecting the health of our fragile marine environments and coral reefs is our responsibility. Our sunscreen and skin care choices have a direct impact on our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Know what those choices are—and how to make a difference.

 Your Body


Did you know that up to 85% of what you put on your skin may be absorbed into your bloodstream? Understanding the ingredients in your sunscreens and body care products can help you make healthier choices—for you, and the planet.

 Our Journey


Join us as we work to provide ecoconscious, biodegradable and safe sunscreens and skin care that doesn’t damage our waters, coral reefs or our bodies. We’ll share our lab work and findings as we take our products through biodegradability and aquatic safety tests.

 Our Products


Browse our sunscreens, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and more. All of our body care products are biodegradable and tested for fish and coral larvae safety, so that we can protect not only ourselves and our families, but our planet’s waters too.


of our planet is water.


of that water is in our oceans.


of water on earth is freshwater.


of that water is freshwater we can actually use.

The Environment

Providing EcoConscious, Biodegradable and Safe sunscreen and skincare choices that addresses the impact cosmetic ingredients make on our planet’s waters.

Our Bodies

Supporting you to make conscious, educated decisions with what you use on your body by providing safe and natural sunscreen and skincare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality EcoConscious, Biodegradable and Safe sunscreen, skin care and hair care products available. Each product is safe not only for you and your family, but also for the sustainability of our environment.   Knowing that every product we use on our bodies ultimately reaches the ocean, our products have been tested for biodegradability,  aquatic toxicity and coral reef safety so that those who enjoy exploring our planet can rely on a brand whose ingredients are truly safe for their body and our waters.

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