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Countdown to 2024: Recapping the Highlights of 2023

December 29, 2023

2023 was a wild year in so many ways! We gratefully like to say that we don’t have customers, we have advocates.  With your help, here are some of the things we were able to accomplish!

USDA BioPreferred Certification

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 1
ALL our Sunscreens are now BioBased Certified including our Every Day Sunscreens with WetBoost Technology and our EcoSticks. This certification requires testing to prove that all or most of the products are made from plants, or biobased to use the scientific term.

Provisional Patent on the WetBoost Technology™

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 2

We received a Provisional Patent on the WetBoost Technology™ in our new Every Day Sunscreens!  Where most sunscreens lose their performance when wet, these improve by nearly 50% when it gets wet, making it the perfect choice for all outdoor adventurers.

Reef Renewal USA

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 3

Reef Renewal, USA, Inc. (RRUSA) is a global model that inspires volunteers to restore and protect coral reef systems for future generations by using education, innovation, and science through grassroots community involvement.

We partnered with our friends at Reef Renewal USA to help raise funds to plant then protect 10,000 corals in the Florida Keys.  With the high water temperatures, the coral reefs in Florida need all the help we can offer!

Rolling Stones Magazine

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 4

For the Third year in a row, Rolling Stones Magazine named Stream2Sea the #1 Water Sport Sunscreen in the world.

MSC Ocean Cay’s Marine Reserve

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 5

For the Fourth year in a row, MSC Ocean Cay’s Marine Reserve has partnered with Stream2Sea to protect both its guests and its unique ecosystems. A private island open only to guests on MSC cruise ships, Ocean Cay is surrounded by 64 square miles set aside as a marine preserve to restore and protect spectacular coral reefs, as well as wildlife on the island.

Environmental Working Group EWG Verified™ Seal

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 6

Stream2Sea, the only sunscreen manufacturer that has proven products to be Reef-Safer™ for fish and vulnerable coral larvae, is now one of only four manufacturers to have its sunscreens verified as safe, effective, and transparent by the Environmental Working Group earning the EWG Verified Seal.

Maui Wildfire Aide

2023 Highlights of Stream2Sea 7

We partnered with YOU, our consumer advocates, to donate a Stream2Sea product for those affected by the Maui wildfires for each one you purchased.  We had many customers placing orders asking that we send ALL to Maui – which brought tears to our eyes and strength to our resolve.  We shipped thousands of units to those in need with your help.

Men’s Health Magazine

2023 Highlights of Stream2sea 8

Men’s Health named our Shampoo & BodyWash as their best natural bodywash for men.  We like it for everyone, but mostly, we like it for our blue planet.

National Association of Black Scuba Divers

2023 Highlights of Stream2sea 9

We partnered with the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, did an educational session sharing the importance of protecting melanin-rich skin, and became their official Sunscreen partner.

Coral is Calling Trip Giveaway

2023 Highlights of Stream2sea 10

“Coral is Calling” created by PADI, Stream2Sea, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Bahamas Air, and the Reef Rescue Network, focused attention on the need for restoring Bahamian coral reefs. Divers entered to win one of three trips to the Bahamas (valued at more than $10,000) to explore and restore this critically important habitat and received Stream2Sea products to protect their skin without doing any harm to the waters.

4Oceans Partnership

2023 Highlights of Stream2sea 11

Stream2Sea partnered with 4Oceans and created a new SPF 40 sunscreen balm, packaged in our first-ever metal container that’s infinitely recyclable and reusable. It applies sheer, is a powerfully effective broad spectrum SPF 40, and won’t burn your eyes. The small tin goes much further than most lotion-based sunscreens so you can pack a bigger punch in your crowded dive bag or backpack.  And the best part?  For every tin sold, our friends at 4Ocean will remove 5 pounds of trash from coastal communities and the ocean!

Ocean-bound Plastics Packaging

2023 Highlights of Stream2sea 12

True to our word of doing better as we learn better; we have begun transitioning all our plastic packaging to OBP recycled materials.  OBP (ocean-bound plastics) is 100% post-consumer recycled material collected from coastal communities and the ocean.  As much as we loved our biobased sugarcane resin tubes, we believe that using post-consumer recycled materials is important to support the circular economy and keep plastics out of the waste stream.  We will continue to look for ways to minimize our footprint and be good stewards of our blue planet… with your help!

Stream2sea Mission

The team at Stream2Sea continues to be committed to our Mission of developing performance-based products for the active adventurer; whether your adventures are on the top of a mountain, the bottom of the ocean, or the playhouse in the backyard, Stream2Sea will take care of your skin and the planet.  Together we will do better.

Comments or suggestions?  We learn from you and would love to hear what you would like to see from us in 2024 and beyond!