Our Story

Earth is one awesome planet! Every inch is a work of wonder.  At the heart of each member of the Stream2Sea team, there is an obsessive drive for discovery. Scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, skiing…these are all part of our regular day-to-day living as a true necessity.

We just happen to be cosmetic chemists and environmentalists, too. So when we considered the ingredients commonly used in our skin care products and what their effects were not only to our bodies but on our planet too, we realized we could do better: we could create eco-conscious skin care products.


So the chemist, the environmentalist and the explorer came together to create an eco-conscious skin care line that is healthy for our bodies AND for the waters of our planet.

What the Cosmetic Chemist said…

Biodegradability, aquatic toxicity and healthy attributes: these three concerns are hard to balance in any skin care product, especially when you consider the wide range of preservatives, additives and chemicals that are approved for use by the FDA despite having been deemed harmful to either the body or the planet. We have developed our formulas by consciously choosing each ingredient for its efficacy, integrity and non-harming influences.

Your Body

What the Environmentalist said…

Fact: Over 6,000 TONS of skin care products enter coral reefs from tourist activities alone. This number doesn’t take into account the products entering our rivers, lakes and streams through run off, sewage, and more. While some brands in the market today claim to be “reef safe” and “ocean friendly,” many contain ingredients that are known to harm the fragile ecosystems and marine life of our waters. We have allotted a significant portion of our start-up costs to eco-lab testing so that we can state, with complete confidence, that we are the safest product on the shelves.

Our Waters

What the Explorer said…

We, as explorers of this awesome planet, have the ability to make educated decisions on the products we use to protect and care for our bodies. You shouldn’t have to be a chemist or environmentalist to know what ingredients are used or how those ingredients may impact our body or waters.  You shouldn’t be misguided by false advertising either. So Stream2Sea has chosen to be totally transparent in our journey to bring our products to you, so that you not only understand what you’re using, but can help other Explorers understand as well.

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