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Stream2Sea has Officially Expanded to the EU

March 21, 2024
Cost effectively shipping Stream2Sea products overseas has been one of the most consistent requests we see on social media – and one of our biggest logistical challenges. Sending an individual order is astonishingly expensive, often more than the product itself, and then we have to leap through some pretty significant hurdles exporting products that may not even have import codes in some countries. stream2sea hiker SPF 30 sunscreen Strategic Partnerships will Make Stream2Sea Products Available Globally We’re delighted to say that all that has changed! Our new partnerships with two international companies have made it possible for us to get our ecoconscious products to most corners of our blue planet – while reducing costs AND our carbon footprint! stream2sea boxes connected with the planet concept of delive 2023 11 27 05 04 05 utc iHerb is a US company that ships to more than 180 countries around the world from fulfillment centers in South Korea, China and Saudia Arabia. As part of their network, they’ll have Stream2Sea products on hand to deliver quickly and cost effectively.  Their newest facilities in Korea and Saudia Arabia are state-of-the-art air-conditioned warehouses capable of handling more than 10,000 packages a day, with free shipping to some countries. Stream2Sea Ltd is our new office set up in the United Kingdom with a distribution warehouse in Central Europe.  Our new  Stream2Sea hub will allow for better global shipping rates and accessibility. The facility is over 3,000 SQ feet allowing for shipping to all of the EU.
We’ve launched a Stream2Sea distribution facility strategically in the UK, opening up the doors for better global shipping rates and accessibility. Now, our friends across Europe can enjoy our range of reef-safer* sunscreens  and body care with even more ease. Our mission to make ecoconscious products available to more countries has never been more within reach. Whether you’re diving in the Mediterranean, camping in the Alps, or simply enjoying a sunny day in your backyard, we want to ensure you’re protected sustainably, said, CEO and Founder, Autumn Blum.”
camping pexels alex azabache 4171211 Expansion Allows for Protection of Remote Reefs in Micronesia and the South Pacific This expansion is a game-changer for our small, Florida-based business. We can now serve customers in the parts of the world that need our Reef-Safer™ products the most like Micronesia and the south Pacific. Their booming ecotourism-based economies depend upon beautiful coral reefs that entice people to fly around the world to see them, but, like all coral reefs, they’re in danger.
To learn more about our expansion and receive a 20% discount please visit our new UK website. https://stream2sea.net/