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Stream2Sea proudly supports the NAUI Green Diver Initiative!

The NAUI Green Diver Initiative empowers individuals to preserve and conserve our ocean planet.  By choosing Stream2Sea products when working and playing in our waters, you are EcoConsciously supporting this mission!  

 The NAUI Green Diver Initiative was formed in 2010 by the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide). It began with a start-up grant by the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF). The NAUI Green Diver Initiative (GDI) is a community of individuals dedicated to conserving and preserving our ocean planet.

GDI is a grass-roots 501 (c) (3) organization fueled by NAUI Worldwide members and friends. Although divers are important to the community, they are open to everyone. Members may be environmental activists, scientist, beach-goers or boaters.  People who all share a common and genuine concern for the vitality of the marine environment.

GDI prides itself on giving back to their donors and members.  They do so by providing grants and sponsorships for projects related to the preservation and conservation of our oceans and waterways. A vibrant and clean environment is vital for the long-term sustainability of the diving industry.

When you make the eco-conscious choice to purchase Stream2Sea’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly products using the banner below,  Stream2Sea will donate 20% of the proceeds to support NAUI’s conservation efforts:  

NAUI Green Diver and Stream2Sea working together for Ocean Conservation

Are you affiliated with a NAUI Dive Center?  We would love to work with you to educate your clients about why their sunscreen and body care choices matter.  Click here to submit a wholesale inquiry 

Are you a NAUI instructor?  We would love to provide you with Ingredient to Avoid Cards and sunscreen samples to help educate your students about why their sunscreen and body care choices matter.

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NAUI Green Diver and Stream2Sea making sure body care products do not harm the ecosystems of lakes, rivers and oceans