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Watch this quick video on how to refill our Pocket Hand Sanitizer!

How to Apply Our Mineral Sunscreens so you don’t look like a ghost!

Learn how to assemble and mount your hanging Stream2Sea dispenser in this step by step tutorial.
At Stream2Sea, we believe in transparency of our products, ingredients and our production. We believe products should not only be effective and great to use, but should not harm the environment or our health. It’s our goal to bring our customers body care products that meet these standards and exceed them.
Did you know all of our products are packaged in sugar cane resin tubing?  It’s part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.  We also manufacture everything in the same town where our company is based out of , Wauchula, FL, USA. We believe in bringing business and jobs to our community.
Have you always used more common brand name sunscreen that was chemical based?  We were taught that sunscreen required us to slather on thick layers, going through the product rather quickly, needing to buy more sooner.  Chemical-based sunscreens need to absorb into the skin before they become effective as a UV inhibitor.  It’s why the directions read to wait 15 minutes before going into the sun.

Mineral-based sunscreens sit on top of the skin and act as a shield against the rays.  They’re thicker going on and the product in the bottle lasts longer between purchases.  Ours is water-based so it means less oil to clog your pores, won’t heat your skin or make you feel greasy.  When applied correctly there should be a silvery sheen to your skin, not a heavy whiteness.

Stream2Sea – The marine professionals choice!  We have exceeded current testing for sunscreens by being the first mineral-based brand to submit our line of products to marine safety in fresh and salt waters, testing for biodegradability and health down to c.elegans and coral larvae.  Tested and proven safe in a marine environment we can state with confidence we are good for you, our waters and coral reefs.

The BiG Scuba Podcast with Autumn Blum

Ian and Gemma chat to Autumn Blum, Founder and CEO of Stream2Sea. Stream2Sea was founded in 2015 in Wauchula, FL after a dive trip in Palau made CEO & Founder Autumn realize that the products we put on our bodies have many ingredients that could be highly toxic to our fragile aquatic ecosystem and even to us.

Ocean Allison Podcast: Autumn Blum

Autumn is the founder of Stream2Sea, a complete line of sunscreen and body care products that are safe for you as well as the ocean.

Hear how this scuba diving, ocean loving, cosmetic chemist developed a line of products unmatched by any other in both quality, eco-consciousness, and scientific rigor.

Naui podcast with Autumn Blum

Tune in as #NAUI Dive Team Report Host Greg Martin and Stream2Sea founders, Autumn Blum and Kristin Giuliani, discuss their full line of eco-conscious and biodegradable sunscreen and body care products.  As outdoor enthusiasts and divers, they are concerned… especially the ocean and freshwater habitats they enjoy so much.

Sea Change Podcast with Mike Malterre, EVP of Stream2Sea

Summer is finally here, so we’re talking sunscreen and body products – the things that so many of us use but rarely think about how they affect our own health and impact the environment around us. To help inform this conversation, Jenna Valente is joined by an expert in eco-conscious body products, Mike Malterre, Executive Vice President of Stream2Sea, which is a body care company that makes human and water safe body products.

Pacific Rim College Radio: Mike Malterre on the World's Safest Sunscreen, Human Toxicity, and the Blue Planet

This fascinating conversation with Mike Malterre, the Executive Vice President of Stream2Sea, the manufacturer of the safest mineral sunscreen and body care products on the planet, is a deep dive into the skincare product market. It is no coincidence that Stream2Sea was born from a passion for diving and protecting the oceans by the CEO Autumn Blum.

The Ultimate Freedom Podcast with Mike Malterre

This episode, co-hosted with Collins Peters. We speak with Mike Malterre VP and Outdoors channel manager of Stream 2 Sea about the chemicals found in hair and skin care products that cause harm to not only humans but also the oceans that all life depends upon.

Jake Blanchard Podcast Episode #50 - Mike Malterre

Mike takes me on an interesting journey through his career from traveling the world seeking outdoor adventures, to starting a school, to working for a company trying to make a big difference in the world. Do you know what’s in your personal care products? Mike does, and the evidence showing us that it’s not just unsafe for people, but is harming our environment too. He’s now dedicated his career to “Stream 2 Sea” a personal care products company trying to educate the public about alternatives to our current path.

PADI Podcast with Stream2Sea's Founder Autumn Blum

One of our ecoconscious friends, Emma Daffurn from PADI EMEA invited Stream2Sea’s CEO and Founder — Autumn Blum in their podcast where they talked about the effects of products we apply on our bodies such as sunscreen, shampoos, sanitizers and other essentials which also have a devastating effect on our reefs and aquatic life.

Shark Allies Podcast: 'Spring Cleaning' with Autumn

On board with Oceanic Preservation Society and Stream2Sea to tackle everything squalene/squalene and how you, the consumer, can drive real change!

Shark Allies Podcast: Cosmetic Labelling with Autumn Blum

Day 4: Cosmetic Labelling with Autumn Blum

Stream2Sea’s Founder, Autumn Blum joins the Shark Allies 🦈 7 Days to Save Sharks Challenge 🦈 to dive into the importance of reading your labels, reef safe suncreams and all things squalene!

Quest for Healing Podcast: How to Choose Safe Sunscreen and Safe Skin Care Products with Autumn Blum

Autumn Blum, CEO of human-safe and reef-safe sunscreen maker Stream2Sea teaches us how to be better skin care products detectives by explaining which skin care ingredients are or may be dangerous and how to identify cleaner formulas.  In addition, she discusses the recent sunscreen recalls, the differences between sunscreens formulas, and the importance of using high quality hand sanitizer. 

Deeper Blue Podcast: Autumn Blum On How She Was Shaped By A Secret Super Power She Discovered With Her Father

This DeeperBlue Podcast episode features Autumn Blum on how she was shaped by a secret super power she discovered with her father, and Brett Stanley on how not to float through life.

Scuba Guru Podcast: Selling Environmentally Friendly Products with Autumn Blum

As coral reef ambassadors, dive professionals have a duty to promote and sell environmentally friendly products. And, Stream2Sea has created products for us and our students. In this episode of The Dive Locker Podcast we learn about promoting and selling environmentally safe products with Autumn Blum.