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The Facts

Every product we use on our bodies enters our waterways when we shower or use the sink – yet water treatment facilities cannot remove many ingredients, preservatives, and other chemicals.

What goes down our drain impacts local water tables and rivers along its way to the ocean.

Some ingredients, while safe for us, are toxic in aquatic ecosystems – including some natural oils like lavender, jojoba, and tea tree.

Product packaging matters, too: we use sugarcane resin bio-plastic instead of petroleum-based plastic to further reduce our environmental impact; the warming and acidification of the oceans also contribute to coral bleaching, reducing the resistance of coral reefs and other aquatic life.

Tell your friends…


“Stream2Sea offers the ONLY mineral-based sunscreen that has been tested and proven safe for coral larvae.”


“I feel safe using Stream2Sea, because ALL their products are readily biodegradable in lakes, streams and the ocean.”


“Single-use plastic sucks. I love that Stream2Sea uses recycled milk jugs and sugarcane resins for their packaging.”




















Latest Press Releases

Stream2Sea Teams Up with Shark Allies to Educate Against Shark Oil in Cosmetics
Stream2Sea, which set the standard for reef-safe sunscreens, has become the first brand to officially join the Shark Allies’ Shark Free Products Campaign.

Stream2Sea Founder Autumn Blum creates eco-conscious hand sanitizer and saves her company amidst COVID-19. This eco-conscious hand sanitizer is a perfect addition to the Stream2Sea line. Along with the recommended 60+ % alcohol, it includes camphor, a natural antiviral component, and eucalyptus essential oil, commonly used to support the respiratory tract.
Stream2Sea Sunscreen Receives Rare Certification the only brand that is tested and proven not to kill coral larvae and has passed the Protect Land +Sea Certification.
Turtle Island Restoration Network Partners with Stream2Sea to Protect Marine Ecosystems
Recognizing that chemicals commonly found in sunscreens and personal care products can be dangerous in marine ecosystems, Turtle Island Restoration Network has partnered with Stream2Sea to develop an educational campaign for its members.
Stream2Sea Creates Tinted Sunscreen
With oxybenzone (and other benzophenones) increasingly implicated in the decline of the most popular coral reefs as well as human health, Stream2Sea Founder Autumn Blum has been quoted as saying that “white is the new green.” The white, of course, is non-nano titanium dioxide, the only sunscreen ingredient proven to be safe for fish, C. elegans and coral larva.

The newest version of the award-winning sunscreen now features a natural tint made with coral-safe minerals that reduces the whitening effect of the original product…

Stream2Sea Reef-Friendly Sunscreens Now Available in Boat-Sized Bottles
When people on a boat or a beach learn that Stream2Sea sunscreen doesn’t harm fish or coral, they automatically ask to try some. “Even though our formulas are highly concentrated, when sharing with others, it’s easy to quickly go through one of our tubes,” says Autumn Blum, founder and chief formulator for the only company offering a mineral-based sunscreen that has been tested and proven safe on various species including coral larvae…

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