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Got Points? Donate Them!

November 29, 2022

Start using your points to protect and restore our coral reefs! Redeem 500 points to donate $5 to Reef Renewal USA. Here’s how!

Step 1: Add Donation to Reef Renewal USA to your cart.

Step 2: Go your Rewards page and click Redeem Now on “Donate $5 to Reef Renewal USA”.

Step 3: Checkout as-is or with other products.

We will send the total donations to Reef Renewal USA monthly.

Why did we choose this partner?

Reef Renewal: Coral is the basis of marine life, it’s essential to the healthy balance of our Ocean. When 25% of marine life depends on the coral reef, it’s clear that the consequences of its demise would be extreme. The ocean makes up 70% of the surface of the Earth, impacting global weather patterns. If the coral is lost, the ocean will be thrown off balance and the worldwide impact on fisheries, coasts, and our weather wont go unnoticed. This is especially true in the Florida Keys. Surrounded by water, such a small strip of land exists because of its coral reefs, and today only 2% of the barrier reef remains.

Reef Renewal USA is a non-profit with big plans to repopulate the Florida Keys coral reef tract – and need your help getting the word out there. Our model is reliant on the participation of the community, both in the Florida Keys, and beyond. There is a direct correlation between the number of people involved and the number of corals we can plant. Whether it’s with a financial contribution, a day of volunteering, or helping us educate the public about the urgent need to repopulate our reef, there is a way for anyone to help. But today is a special day for contributing the dollars necessary for this work to happen. $5 is the difference between a coral being planted today vs. tomorrow.

This June, Autumn Blum our founder and formulator and avid scuba diver, went out with the Reef Renewal USA crew to help with coral nursery maintenance. Check out the video below!

Stream2Sea is Crazy for Coral

Stream2Sea helped Reef Renewal USA exceed their goal to plant 10,000 new coral babies in their ongoing efforts to restore one of the most iconic reefs in the Florida Keys.

It started back in April 2022 when reef-safe sunscreen company Stream2Sea and Reef Renewal USA hatched a “crazy” plan to raise awareness and funds for coral restoration. Through various fund-raising efforts (including a $1 donation from every tube of Stream2Sea reef-safe mineral sunscreen purchased through their website, the Virgin Voyages “Tip for the Ocean” program, and exposure through over 100 dive centers and select retailers nationwide) Stream2Sea and Virgin Voyages collectively were able to donate over $10,000 to Reef Renewal USA. 

While the official “Crazy for Coral” campaign wrapped up on July 31, Stream2Sea is making a long-term commitment helping to restore the Florida Keys coral reefs, according to Autumn Blum, founder of Stream2Sea and a part-time Keys resident. “Organizations like Reef Renewal USA are actively out there restoring and regenerating our reefs. And they need continuous support to fund their activities. We look forward to future campaigns and collaborative opportunities to raise awareness and help them protect our reefs.”

Want to know how coral planting work?

We support non-profits.

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Together we are doing better.