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Our Waters

Being EcoConscious in our Waters

We love to play in, on, and under the waters of our planet. The coral reefs, our oceans, the fragile balance of our freshwater sources and all the creatures within shouldn’t be harmed while we are protecting our bodies. It is important to make EcoConscious choices in the products we select for personal and household use.

Your Body

Being EcoConscious with your Health

Your body is incredible. Your skin feels, regulates body temperature and is your first line of immune defense. Protecting it from the elements is a vital part of being able to safely and happily explore this planet.

At Stream2Sea, we believe in transparency and full disclosure. All Stream2Sea product ingredients are consciously chosen. We’ve put together this ingredient dictionary to help you understand the logic behind the ingredients in our products.

Want to know what’s the difference between a mineral and ‘organic’ sunscreen? Can you use our products if you’re sensitive to chemicals and zinc? Have more questions about our company and our products? Find the answers here!

There are no federal regulations defining ‘natural’ or ‘green’ for personal care products or cosmetics. Some brands put very small percentage of these ingredients in their products, then put natural, green or organic on the label. Not cool!


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