Stream2Sea Essentials

Safe for You • Safe for our Waters

Stream2Sea is proud to fulfill a need for mindfully created Essentials. Formulated to be safe for you and safe for our planet, our new line begins with our signature EcoConscious Hand Sanitizer.  Stream2Sea is proud to offer Essentials that have not been tested on animals. Instead, utilizing the knowledge gained through prior development, to create products upholding our mission.


Powerful Protection without Compromise

Stream2Sea Essentials will never contain:

  • Microplastics / Carbomer
  • Synthetic Fragrances / Parfum
  • Synthetic Denaturants
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

Protect who you love at home with Stream2Sea Essentials!

26 seconds is all it takes for chemicals in personal care and cleaning products to enter your bloodstream. What’s in your Essentials?

Take out the guesswork! Check out our Hand Sanitizer Comparison.