Mineral Sunscreen Application Tips

Please don’t apply ours like you would that chemical stuff. Mineral sunscreens are meant to sit on top of your skin, instead of absorbing into your body. Applying mineral sunscreens correctly is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Start Small

A pea-size amount will go a long way.

1. Work in Sections

Dab a little sunscreen all over your face.

3. Rub in Well

Spread the sunscreen evenly over your skin.

Autumn Blum, the founder of Stream2Sea, shows you how to properly apply our tinted and original reef safe, mineral based sunscreen.

Here’s another video on how to apply mineral sunscreens on your face and body in 3 simple steps!

Mineral Sunscreens are different…

Chemical sunscreens absorb into your skin to disperse UV rays, but the chemicals can also be toxic to your body and the environment. Current research shows that benzophenones and cinnimates common in chemical sunscreens are factors in the death of coral reefs in our oceans.

These are among several reasons you should switch from traditional chemical-based sunscreens to a natural, non-nano based mineral choice. However, quite often when someone switches from a traditional sunscreen to a mineral-based brand, they over apply the product or don’t spread it correctly.

Then they think it’s too whitening or just doesn’t work as well. People may also feel, because the container sizes are smaller, that they’re getting less for their money. But, it takes far less mineral sunscreen to cover an area than traditional chemical-based types.

Why do I look so white?

You have probably over applied. Work in small sections. Start with a pea to dime-size amount, rubbing it between the palms of your hands and blot it over the areas you want to cover. Rub it in well. When applied correctly, you will only see a sheen to your skin and the whitening will also fade quickly. 

Why can’t I get it even?

If your skin is dry, apply moisturizer to the area, then apply the mineral sunscreen. This will help the sunscreen to spread evenly and well. When using the blot technique, and working in areas, most people can quickly have perfect coverage without excessive whitening.

Does it have to be white?

White is the new green! Non-nano titanium dioxide is white in appearance. The sheen is actually a perfect indicator to know the product is protecting you. It’s also a great way to be able to see when it’s time to reapply, particularly for parents monitoring children’s exposure time or those going in and out of the water.

Is it greasy?

Stream2Sea sunscreen is 100% non-nano titanium dioxide and water-based. This means we do not use excessive, heavy oils in our products, oils that can block pores and leave you feeling greasy.  This also means you might have to work a little harder to make it spread well, but the trade-off is totally worth it!

Will I burn even if it is SPF30?

The main cause of sunscreen failure is not using enough product and not reapplying often enough. The FDA recommends at least every 2 hours, more often if playing in the water or sweating a lot. Sunscreens with very high SPFs offer only marginally better UVB protection (the rays that cause sunburn) than lower SPFs, yet consumers often believe they are getting more protection.

What if I don’t want to look white?

Try Stream2Sea’s Eco Tint Sunscreens! With the same protecting properties and reef friendly PROVEN to be safe to coral and fishes, our tinted sunscreens come with in a neutral shade that blends into most skin tones! Get them here: https://stream2sea.com/product-category/sun/

3 Things to Know About Stream2Sea

We are the Pioneers of Truly Reef-safe Sunscreen and Skin Care

Since 2015, Stream2Sea is the FIRST and the ONLY reef friendly mineral sunscreen that walk the talk and ensure that all our sunscreen and skincare are tested and proven to be safe to fishes and coral larvae.

We Create Products that are Safe For You and Your Family

Our natural, hypoallergenic skin care contain no harmful chemicals like benzophenones, oxybenzone, avobenzone, parabens, DEAs/ MEAs/ TEAs, SLS or SLES and preservatives.

We Support Ocean Conservation

Creating biodegradable skin care, reducing our plastic waste, and partnering and contributing to 1% for the Planet, the Coral Restoration Foundation, Reef Check, NAUI’s Green Diver Initiative and many other eco-conscious non-profits is our way of giving back.

We are responsible for this awesome planet. Our choices matter.