Introducing Anglers Sport Sunscreen!

The Safe and Sustainable Choice for Your Next Fishing Adventure

As anglers, we all know the importance of protecting our waters and marine life. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to Stream2Sea’s latest product – Anglers Sport.

Did you know that annually, approximately 14,000 tons of sunscreen containing damaging ingredients enter our coastal waters? These chemicals not only harm marine ecosystems, but they also pose a threat to the fish we love to catch. Anglers Sport is a mineral-based sunscreen that is scientifically proven to be safe for both saltwater and freshwater fish so you no longer have to worry about killing your LIVE bait or harming released fish.

Scientifically proven safe ingredients:

  • Protect Land + Sea certified
  • Sunscreen that is bait-safe>
  • Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 30

Who We Are



Stream2Sea is a sunscreen and bodycare brand that is serious about protecting your skin AND serious about protecting our blue planet.

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The International Game Fish Association

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), established in 1939, aims to be the foremost authority on game fish and angling, with a vision to the most widely recognized authority on game fish and angling-related matters in the world. It promotes ethical angling practices, sustainable fishing, and conservation of game fish species and habitats. Through partnerships and educational initiatives, the IGFA seeks to inspire a new generation of anglers and conservationists. The organization’s global impact is driven by its commitment to collaboration, advocacy, and the fostering of a global angling community.

How Does Sunscreen Affect LIVE bait?

1. Exposure to Chemical-based Sunscreen

Handling LIVE bait after applying a chemical-based sunscreen can remove the protective coating on fish scales leading to an increased chance of mortality for the fish. In addition, exposure to oxybenzone as an main ingredient will expose the bait well water to chemicals.

2. Water Quality & Swimming Behavior

Stream2Sea is tested and proven safe for baitfish. These test results show that swimming behavior with Stream2Sea sunscreen is relatively unaffected. We are the only mineral-sunscreen with Protect Land + Sea Certification.

3. Disorientation and/or Bait Kill

Studies have shown competitor sunscreens alter the LIVE bait swimming behavior. Baits were sluggish and not responsive to the environment. Some baits died after exposure to the chemical-based sunscreens.