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Ecoconscious Camping: Get Away and Leave No Trace
April 8, 2019

Summer is right around the corner and do you know what that means? It’s the perfect time to get out of town and spend a few nights under the stars! Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for camping. As you’re planning your next trip, keep these ecoconscious tips in mind and don’t forget to participate in our EcoConscious Camping Giveaway this April!

Leave No Trace

When you go out into the wilderness, you should leave it just the way you found it. If you pack it in, pack it out. Don’t leave garbage behind; if you see garbage left behind by somebody else, bring along a bag to collect and remove it — the only good thing about single-use plastic bags is the ease of picking up other people’s trash!

Leave no trace means enjoying the wilderness, while also not causing any harm by your presence. We need to do our part to keep our beautiful landscapes unharmed for generations to enjoy.

DIY Meal Planning

Camping food always tastes amazing–especially when you’ve put a little extra care into planning your meals around the campfire and packing some DIY snacks for the top of the summit on your hike. The food industry likes to make pre-packaged, single-use snacks and food items for easy access–however these always come with a lot of wrappers and more garbage ingredients than you really want. Next time, try making your own bag of granola, and bringing along some ingredients to prepare over the fire. When I camp, I always bring along To-Go Ware reusable utensils and a cup that can hold my morning campfire coffee.

Reusable Water Bottles

Be sure to invest in a great reusable water bottle, like Hydaway’s collapsible bottles,  or water-bladder for your daypack—check out Matador if you’re looking for a new pack! Staying hydrated is very important, especially while camping. In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day–and even more when exerting a lot of energy (like while hiking, or setting up camp).

Gear: Use, Rent, Repair

When planning for your camping get-away, make sure you have all of the necessary gear. Be sure to check out resale shops in your area, borrow from your pals, and rent from outdoor companies before investing in brand-new equipment.

Eco-Friendly Personal Products

Make sure that the shampoo and sunscreen you’re using are truly eco-friendly and ecoconscious. Many biodegradable soaps are harmful to the waters they are advertised to be used around, so be careful that what you are using is truly safe for the wilderness you are exploring.

Read the label on the back of your products to make sure they don’t contain any harmful chemicals which could damage the ecosystem of the lakes and rivers — even if you’re not swimming in the lake or ocean, remember that all streams flow to the sea, and any rock or trail you touch is part of the watershed. Our sunscreens and body care products are perfect for camping! They’re safe for you and safe to be washed off in a stream and into our waterways.

Tough Adventure Clothing

Make sure the gear you’re wearing has been created sustainably, and choose gear that will last a long time. Toad +Co camp clothing and Bomber Eyewear have been crafted for explorers, and are ready to last you many seasons and countless adventures. 

Camping Giveaway

Be sure to join our EcoConscious camping giveaway! For the month of April (1st-31st) we will be hosting a giveaway contest through Instagram.

We’ve partnered with these awesome ecoconscious companies to help you make this year your most ecoconscious yet! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is find our instagram post and 1) Like the post, 2) Follow us @stream2sea, @hydawaybottle, @togoware, @matador.up and @toadandcoclothing, @bombereyewear, and 3) Tag 4 friends who love #adventuring and #sustainable products.

You’ll be entered to win a grand prize of a Stream2Sea hat, Conscious Camper Kit, shampoo/bodywash and leave-in conditioner, 2 Hydaway reusable bottles, two sustainable utensil sets and 2 stainless steel tiffins from To Go Ware, one FreeRain24 2.0 adventure bag from Matador, a pair of floating sunglasses from Bomber Eyewear, and a Toad +Co summer camp clothing item of your choice!

Be sure to enter before April 30, 2019. A grand prize winner will be selected randomly, and will be announced at the end of the month.

The next time you get outta dodge, make sure to pack the essentials, be prepared, plan your meals, and leave no trace! Happy camping!

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