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Why would you buy hand cream from your favorite reef-safe sunscreen brand?

Because it’s rigorously tested & ridiculously effective, and made for YOUR active hands! 

Our new prebiotic hand creams are specially formulated for adventurers with hard-playing hands that are exposed to the harshest conditions — even though we expect the most from them.

Probiotics may be the hottest trend in skincare, but we think they are another example of deceptive marketing. The single most important criteria in a skincare product is preventing contamination by bacteria and fungi that naturally occur. All skincare with water requires antimicrobials to kill harmful bacteria and keep the product safe. But for probiotics to be effective, they have to be alive — so you would either need to eliminate any antimicrobial compounds and hope the good bacteria overpower the bad ones, or just accept that your product contains DEAD probiotics.   

Our solution: Prebiotics that feed healthy microbes but still survive in a stable cosmetic product. They help restore your skin’s healthy balance while hydrating, protecting, and nourishing your skin. We use plant-based inulin, recognized as a food source for friendly bacteria, whether they’re on our skin or in our digestive system.

What Do Prebiotics Have to Do with Your Skin?

  • They’re food for the probiotics on your skin, keeping your skin’s microbiome healthy and balanced.
  • They help balance skin pH.
  • They support the skin’s barrier function, calm & soothe skin.
  • They enhance your skin’s natural ability to recover and repair damage.

Even More Important in Winter

We all know that the extra-deep hand washings and regular use of hand sanitizers – not to mention cold snaps that seem to stretch for days — can wreak havoc on our hands. Dry itchy hands can make cold weather even less comfortable, but we don’t always have the time or can’t handle a greasy feeling on our hands while waiting for a rich lotion to absorb.

Stream2Sea’s Prebiotic Essentials Intensive Repair Hand Cream is incredibly protective but soaks in so quickly that you can get right back to whatever you are doing. You’ll not only feel better fast, but you’ll also be protecting your skin from more serious damage. Chapped hands not only hurt, but they can also cause your skin to crack, peel and bleed. And then when your skin barrier is compromised, other conditions can occur or worsen. 

Our new Prebiotic Hand Cream can change the way you feel about winter, or at least how your hands feel about cold, dry air.

But it’s great all year long!

Like all Stream2Sea skincare products, our Intensive Repair Hand Cream is made with our proprietary antioxidant formula that combines the protective powers of green tea, tulsi, wakame, and olive leaf that nourish even the worst dry, chapped hands. We also use squalane – a natural component of our skin’s protective shield – to reinforce your skin’s barrier and lock in moisture. (Be careful with other companies’ squalane though. Most squalane comes from shark livers, contributing to the deaths of more than two million sharks every year. Ours is made from plants. It’s a little more expensive but definitely worth the extra cost!)


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