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How to Have an EcoConscious Valentine’s Day (Even If You’re Single)

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Cue excitement or dread — maybe you love Valentine’s Day, or maybe you hate it — either way, we’ve got your back.

1. Love Yourself

Self care is a popular phrase at the moment, and we are all on board with it. Before you send your love to someone else this Valentine’s Day, make sure to take care of yourself first!

Take care of your beautiful skin!

In the winter months, sometimes it’s hard to remember that you can still become sunburnt or windburnt during all of your outdoor activities–from shoveling snow, shredding on the slopes, or just running errands around town. Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your face! The colder air in winter dries out your beautiful skin–make sure you moisturize your body with some lotion. Our eco-conscious lotion made with our potent antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame, and Olive Leaf–how rejuvenating for your skin this Valentine’s Day!

Moisturize your lips!

Lather up your lips with any one of our organic lip balms. All three of them are made with a blend of oils and cocoa butter, which is super nourishing. Try our brand new, cherry flavored lip balm if you’re feeling extra festive this Valentine’s Day.

2. Share the Love

Ok, so now that you’ve been pampered, it’s time to share the love with someone you care about.

Take the Pledge!

If you’re super passionate about using ocean-friendly, reef-safe skincare products, take our Safe SunScreen Pledge and share it with your friends!

Educate yourself!

Check our the Learning Center on our website. Here you’ll find free educational resources to help save the reefs and protect your body by using eco-conscious products. We believe knowledge is power. Share this knowledge with someone you care about!

Gifts for Them / Gifts for You

If you love giving gifts for Valentine’s Day, then we’ve got you covered. Any one of our lotions, lip balms, or sunscreens would make a great gift for someone you love. Not only will you be sending your honey something sweet, you’ll be protecting the reefs!

Maybe your sweetie is stocked up on sunscreen — in that case, check out our rash guards within our eco-apparel line. They’re perfect for sun protection during any outdoor activity. They’re each made from rPET recycled fishing net materials — eco-conscious and ocean-friendly.

Does your Valentine happen to be your dog? Don’t forget to pamper them too! Check out our eco-conscious protective rash guard for those sweet pups in your life.

3. Protect What You Love

So you’ve loved yourself and shared your love…now it’s time to protect what you love: the reefs, the ocean, and this big beautiful planet! Take simple steps each day to be a more active and engaged in making change for our number one Valentine: the Earth.


Recycle old Valentine’s Day (or any holiday) cards. Or save them, cut them up, and re-use them again to send to someone else. Recycle any packaging your Valentine’s arrive in. Once those Valentine bouquets die, don’t forget to compost them.


Make sure to eliminate using single-use plastic items like to-go cups, straws, containers and plastic bags. Try wrapping your Valentine gifts in pretty patterned cloth and ribbon, or cloth bag. Go grocery shopping with a reusable cloth bag — they’re sturdy enough to hold your Valentine’s Day wine, chocolates, and dinner essentials. If you’re not sitting down at a table for dinner, pack your picnic in ToGoWare instead of single-use items.


Read the labels on the back of all of your products — make sure you’re not harming your body or the planet by using chemically-loaded products.

To have an ecoconscious Valentine’s Day, just follow these three steps: Love yourself, share your love, and protect what you love.

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