Nourishing After Sun Body Lotion

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Replenish your skin following exposure to the elements with our after sun Nourishing Body Lotion made with our potent antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame, and Olive Leaf.  It has a light clean scent and is paraben-free. It absorbs quickly, leaving no feeling of residue, just a silky, moisturized, baby-soft feel to your skin that simply feels healthy!

If you tend to have drier skin, our Nourishing Body Lotion works beautifully to help hydrate your skin before applying our mineral-based sunscreen.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates to help combat the visible signs of dry and sun damaged skin.
  • Infused with aloe, soothing botanicals and shark-free olive squalene
  • Light, non-greasy formula effectively nourishes your skin without feeling heavy or sticky
  • EcoConscious Sugarcane Resin Tubes
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Replenish your skin following exposure to the elements with our after sun Nourishing Body Lotion made with our potent antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame, and Olive Leaf. It has a light clean scent and is paraben-free. It absorbs quickly, leaving no feeling of residue, just a silky, moisturized, baby-soft feel to your skin that simply feels healthy!

Safe For Your Body

  • Contains Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame and Olive Leaf
  • No Parabens, DEAs/ MEAs/ TEAs (diethanolamines/ methanolamines/ triethanolamines), SLS or SLES (sodium laurel or laureth sulfates), phthalates, dyes, cinnamates, or benzophenones (BP-2 or BP-3) Ingredients to Avoid

Safe For Our Waters

  • Safe and biodegradable ingredients
  • Tested and proven safe for baitfish, freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral larvae and does not affect their natural behavior. Read more about our research

Sustainable Packaging

Usage: Apply liberally to skin after showering or following exposure to sun, salt or wind. For maximum benefit, protect your skin with Stream2Sea Sunscreen.

IngredientsAqueous Extracts of Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf*, Ocimum Tenuiflorum (Tulsi) Leaf*, Alaria Esculenta (Wakame Seaweed)* and Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Cetearyl Olivate,  Sorbitan Olivate, Jojoba Esters, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Olive Squalene, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Palmitate, Sorbitan Olivate, Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame Seaweed) Bioferment, Lactobacillus/Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Ferment, Tocopherol,  Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Fragrance (Naturally Derived), Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid

* Certified Organic

14 reviews for Nourishing After Sun Body Lotion

    My husband and I both LOVE this lotion. It has a great light scent, kind of like coconut. I use it on my body and my face everyday. We live in FL and it's not heavy at all in the humidity. I'm back to buy the giant bottle because we go through it so quickly.
    This is the best body lotion to use on your skin year round. It makes your skin feel very soft and it just melts into your skin and the lotion smells good.
    Love this — I use it as my body lotion and face cream. It’s light to the touch but keeps my dry skin hydrated without any outbreak.
    Jo Barendse
    I have always used lotion morning and night to keep my skin hydrated. Being in the water many hours each day, I end up moisturizing several times a day. The Nourishing Body Lotion is an awesome product. I keep the 32oz size on my kitchen table. After applying it after a shower, I reapply about 15 minutes later. The two layers seem to replace the moisture lost due to all my swimming and scuba. It gives me peace of mind knowing that this product does not hurt the fragile reefs where I spend most of my day. Love this product. It works well over the Squalane as well! Try them both together.
    Jennifer Idol
    I'm not one to like coconut smells, but this works so well, I've gotten used to the scent and now even enjoy it. Every winter, my legs turn to ash, so it's super nice to keep them hydrated and avoid the scratch marks. :)
    Nicole Weiss
    I love this lotion! I use it daily - it keeps my skin moisturized and smells great! I also love the eco friendly packaging.
    Mindi Rosser
    Looking for a body lotion that would be safe for surfing in the ocean, since I like to moisturize multiple times daily and surf 1-2x daily. This lotion made me feel good about what I'm putting on my body and in the lotion... and I don't worry that I'm damaging the environment.
    Jill Biggerstaff
    I used this while I was travelling. It worked well for the burns and to avoid dry skin. It was light and smells really good!
    Vickie M
    I am an avid skin lotion user from way back and I love this product. The lotion has a rich feel and a light, coconutty aroma. Most importantly, it leaves my skin feeling well moisturized. I wash with the Stream2Sea hair and body wash, then moisturize with the lotion - a perfect pairing. I am so very glad to have found Stream2Sea products!
    Nourishing After Sun Body Lotion photo review
    Lorri Crockett
    We LOVE Stream2Sea products! Living in Hawaii we are seeing the devastating effects in our reefs and corals. Here's a post I made on Social Media.. Certain ingredients in biodegradable sunscreen are toxic to corals and reef fish, but are still in products that are labeled reef safe. 4,000 to 6,000 TONS of sunscreen washes off our bodies and into our coral reefs every year. #KnowWhatYouAreBuying #Stream2SeaIsReefSafe #WeLoveTheirProducts #ProtectYourSkin #ProtectOurReefs #ProtectOurMarineLife
    Received a sample of this lotion in an order, and I'm so happy I did! The lotion worked wonders on my skin and smells amazing. I have pretty sensitive skin and had no issues. It also helped my skin recover from burns. I will definitely be ordering a larger size in the future!
    Julie Richardson
    I love the 32 oz pump bottle. So easy! The scent is wonderful and the lotion is not greasy, soaks right in. Please don't stop making this amazing product! Incidentally, my cat also loves it and would eat it from a bowl if he could. :)
    This body lotion helped my incredibly pale skin recover from 2nd degree burns while at a field station. Stream2Sea sent a 1oz bottle and that little bottle saved me and my students from post-burn pain. My skin healed much faster than normal, and the relief from the burn was almost instantaneous.
    Diana Denmark
    I love this body lotion! It has a light, clean scent; it does not feel greasy; my skin feels healthy and moisturized!
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