Adopt a Coral

From: $5.00

    • Adopt a Coral: $50 – Fund the step-by-step process of raising a coral in our nursery and then outplanting it to the reef.
    • Adopt a VERN: $500 – Fund the materials, installation, and care of a Vertical Rope Nursery. A typical VERN can output several rounds of new corals to the reef, and holds up to 30 corals at a time.
    • Adopt a Tree: $1000 – Fund the installation, materials, and maintenance required for a coral tree in our nursery. A typical tree can hold up to 72 coral fragments, and be reutilized season over season. This is a gift that will keep on giving coral back to the reef.

Stream2Sea will match your donation dollar for dollar. You will get:

  • Donation Receipt
  • Email Certificate of Appreciation
  • Mask Defog (so you can see coral clearly!)
  • Donate over $500 and also get a Stream2Sea hat!

*Please note that donations are non-refundable.