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EcoConscious Gift Guide: Reduce Waste this Holiday Season!

December 10, 2018

With the busy times of the holiday season approaching, there are many opportunities to be more ecoconscious! We know you might be busy this time of year, so we’ve got some tips for you to reduce holiday waste and protect the planet while you spread the cheer!

Ethically-Sourced Stocking Stuffers

Stuff those stockings with the Earth’s ecosystems in mind!

To share warm and fuzzy treats, check out sustainable merino wool socks—whose processing is kinder to the environment than many traditional socks—or other green-friendly socks and mittens.

If you’re looking for some extras, gift biodegradable, corn or bamboo-based utensils and pens like those from our friends at To-Go Ware.

Biodegradable skin care, like our Stream2Sea After Sun Lip Balm, or travel size Stream2Sea SPF 30 TInted Sunscreen will fit perfectly in stockings and suitcases! Added bonus, the 1oz size complies with TSA carry-on regulations, so your loved ones won’t have to hassle bringing their gift home after the holidays!

Gift cards can be another great stocking stuffer, but as you choose which one to buy, consider restaurants who have ethically-sourced fish and meats. Gift cards to stores that advertise green processes such as efforts towards recycling their products and waste can put another step in the right direction. If you have a local farmer’s market, gifting some market bucks can also be a great way to keep your family mindful of where they shop!

Including information and advice on an insert within your stockings can show all the extra love put towards finding products that are ecoconscious. Include our Ingredients to Avoid card with any Stream2Sea gifts can help educate about how big of an impact the products we use every day can have. Showing the attention that you put towards the environment reminds your loved ones that it isn’t hard to put intention towards a cleaner Earth!

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Purchasing biodegradable products such as Stream2Sea Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash or Stream2Sea Nourishing After Sun Body Lotion ensures that the waste that is discarded won’t muck up our water tables, streams, and oceans! Our ingredients are always organic and non-toxic to ocean sea life and other creatures, which is not always the case with traditional body care products.  

Not only do traditional body care products have toxic ingredients that affect the fragile ecosystems, but the fragrances can be packed with pheromones that affect all wildlife and their genetic development over the years. These pheromones cause animals to have developmental problems leading to the endangerment and extinction of species everywhere.

Also consider supporting some of our ocean-friendly partners and friends!

Give the gift of ghost net removal by sharing a Planet Love Life bracelet with your loved ones, made from salvaged fishing nets. Or donate to Sharks4Kids, a nonprofit working to educate children about sharks, shaping a generation of shark advocates. They have shark storybooks for sale, too, for any kids on your list!

Zero-Waste Gifts

Look for gifts that don’t require a ton of extra packaging—books, clothing, and ethical skin care products are great gifts to give that don’t include the extra waste that pre-boxed products do!

Avoid toys and technology that are packed with single-use plastics and extra cardboard for display.

Another zero-waste gift idea—one which keeps on giving—is a donation to one of our nonprofit partners. They all do great work to protect marine habitats and encourage marine education, and a donation doesn’t require any packaging at all!

Go Gift Shopping Locally or Online

Purchase gifts online or at local businesses that you can walk or bike to and cut down on emissions and long days of shopping trips that leave you feeling too overwhelmed to make an ecoconscious purchase choice! You’ll be doing the planet a favor if you avoid driving all around town, and you’ll also get the chance to research wonderful products and perhaps even purchase directly from the seller, supporting small businesses!

Taking the extra steps to be ecoconscious can make holiday shopping easier than you thought! Ultimately, cutting down on the pollution can cut down on the hassle.

Don’t forget, sharing the steps you took this holiday season can build community and raise awareness that will give the Earth some peace and joy, too!

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