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Body Care that is Safe for Our Bodies and Our Waters
July 10, 2015

The chemist knew that the body care and sunscreens available on the market often use FDA-approved ingredients that are linked to negative effects on the body—and that safer alternatives were available. She knew we could do better.

The environmentalist knew that the ingredients in body care and sunscreens could harm our oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams—and if we didn’t start making a better choice in what we introduced to our fragile marine ecosystems, we’d destroy them. We could do better.

The explorer wanted body care and sunscreens that wouldn’t harm his body or the planet. He could choose better.

Today, we are excited to announce that Stream2Sea has accomplished what we set out to do: to create a line of body care and sunscreens that are safe for our bodies and our waters.

We have officially released our new EcoConscious product line that includes:

Our line is for the true adventurers out there. It’s for the people who aren’t afraid to get dirty or wet. Who live for the water. Who share their love for nature with their family and friends.

It’s for the mother who wants to bring her child to the beach, and let him roll around in the surf. It’s for the hiker who washes down in fresh, babbling water. It’s for the snowboarder who needs true protection on those sunny, cold days. It’s for the diver who spends more time underwater than out of it.

Stream2Sea products are for those of us who know that everything makes it way back to our environment, and who want to be EcoConscious. Welcome to our journey where together, we will do better!

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We DO have a choice and we WILL choose to do better. We appreciate your comments, concerns and questions that will help to ensure that we share information that is important to you along the way.

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