Concerned about the impact that unsafe sunscreen ingredients have on coral and other marine life?

So are we. That’s why we want to encourage you to learn about why ingredients matter, and what you can do to protect the planet!

We Support The Palau Sunscreen Ban!

Palau is Banning the Right Ingredients!
Palau is leading the world with its huge step towards protecting our coral reefs and marine wildlife by becoming one of the first country to ban sunscreens containing toxic chemicals such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.


Our products are growing in popularity in Palau where they are used because we have the only mineral-based sunscreen that has been tested and proven safe for fresh and saltwater fish, as well as vulnerable coral larva. You can read more about Palau’s sunscreen ban, and Stream2Sea’s roots there in our blog post.
Palau is Taking Action!

Palau’s ban is more than just talk. If you are caught selling, offering, or distributing reef toxic sunscreen you could face a $1000 fine per offense.

Palau will also be searching bags at customs for sunscreens containing the banned chemicals.

Join Palau by Being Prepared!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge!

Ingredients Matter!

This recent blog post emphasizes the importance of reading the ingredients list whenever you intend to make a planet-friendly choice. While you’re getting into the habit, you can consult our ingredients dictionary and ingredients to avoid cards to make sure you understand which ingredients are safe and which are toxic.

Educate yourself!

Read this Undercurrent article for more information on the severity of the risk toxic sunscreen ingredients pose to coral reefs and marine life. Have you checked out our Learning Center?

Don’t be afraid to make the switch to mineral sunscreen!

Mineral-based sunscreen is applied differently than other sunscreens that you might be used to. Understand that part of what allows traditional sunscreens to go on smooth is a direct result of their toxic chemical makeup. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience and wear sunscreen goop on your face… simply learn how to properly apply mineral-based products!

Check out our video for tips on sunscreen application, and remember that a little goes a long way! Not only is mineral-based sunscreen a better choice for the environment, but you can also protect your skin while creating less waste overall.

A lot of people may not realize that ingredients found in chemical based sunscreens pollute and impact our oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers and are toxic to our own health yet they are worn everyday while people play in extraordinary environments. Share this video to inform your friends and family how we can protect the environment that we love.


Before taking the pledge, be sure to complete the learning center.

Visit the Stream2Sea Learning Center and take our quizzes. It’s free and easy to create an account.


Pledge to make reef-friendly choices! If you’re ready to take the next step to protect coral, fish, and their ecosystems, sign the pledge below!

Take the Safe Sunscreen Pledge and we’ll send you a digital 20-page resource that dives into ingredients to know, ingredients to avoid, what “organic” and “biodegradable” really mean, and what is truly “reef-safe.”

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Safe Sunscreen Pledge

I promise to make EcoConscious, reef-friendly choices when purchasing and using sunscreen.

I will do my part to self-educate, and I will check the ingredients list every time I try a new sunscreen, even if the product was marketed as “safe”. I will NOT use any sunscreen containing ingredients that are proven to be unsafe for coral and other ocean life. I will order an ingredients to avoid card, and consult it whenever I make sunscreen choices.

I will educate others, and will speak up in defense of coral and other ocean life when I notice the use of sunscreen with unsafe ingredients, making sure that every adventure I’m a part of is respectful of all ecosystems.

I promise to do all I can to make choices with marine life in mind, educating my peers and myself about sunscreen ingredients and their impact.

If you’re looking to make the switch to sunscreen and other skin care products containing reef-friendly, EcoConscious ingredients, try Stream2Sea HERE, and 20% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Thank you for being part of a global movement to protect marine and other ecosystems from unsafe ingredients! What we put on our bodies DOES make a difference, and your positive choices help protect the planet!

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